Conflict is everywhere, everyday, sometimes it defines us, sometimes it defeats us. Conflict is static in that it will always be there, but the beauty is that it does not have to be negative. Often conflict holds valuable opportunities, lessons and possibilities for personal growth. A student of both cultural anthropology and conflict resolution and analysis, Sarah Heirendt integrates the two for a holistic approach to problem solving, negotiating, conflict transformation and interpersonal development. Receiving her BA in cultural anthropology from Vanguard University of Southern California she worked closely with a non-profit who specialized in community development, consulting and making recommendations for the organization on sectors of potential growth and cost minimization. While studying abroad in Cyprus her interest in conflict resolution developed firsthand, additional travel around the Middle East and volunteering at a refugee camp in the West Bank solidified her desire to work in the field. Her MS at George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution has equipped her with problem solving tools, resources, a theoretical and practical foundation for dealing with all different types and aspects of conflict across many sectors.

Israel into the West Bank

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